The Grifter is professional magician Keith Cobb.  Keith
has been performing full time since 1991 in the Chicago
area and around the country.  His Grifter character
performs live gambling themed shows including classic
con games like the Shell Game, 3 Card Monte & Fast
and Loose.  Full gambling presentations are available on
the games Faro and Chuck-A-Luck.  He also has a one
man stage show on the history of gambling and
cheating.  Keith has performed his Grifter presentations
on television and at the world famous Magic Castle in
For summer festivals The Grifter has an old west
Medicine Show, Flea Circus and Sideshow Oddities
tent.  His Gambling themed magic presentations are a
real eye catcher at trade shows.
Fundraiser at the Magic Castle
He's been at this for quite a while.