The Grifter- Trade Show Info-tainer
As you well know, people always want to win something for nothing, especially at these
events.  You will see lots of foot traffic in a booth with a wheel of fortune and a pretty girl.  
However, after they have won whatever little prize that is being given away, they couldn't
tell you the name of the company or what they offered unless they read it off of the printed
item in their hand.  These items, if taken home at all are usually given to a child as a toy.  
They will remember the game, and maybe the name of the girl manning the wheel, but
nothing about the company that spent a fortune to give them that little throw away toy.
For what you are spending to rent that tiny piece of real estate, can you afford to be just
another face in the crowd?  Does your business need to be remembered?  Do you want to
come away from that event with quality contacts for all the time and effort your team put in?
If so then you need The Grifter!
If you want to make an impact that people will remember, you need The Grifter in your
booth.  He can make your products and services stand out in the minds of attendees.  His
distinctive look and gambling presentations stop people in their tracks.
Getting attendees to stop is only half the battle.  Once they are hooked, The Grifter can
handle them one of two ways depending on your needs.  He can either do a scripted sales
presentation, highlighting your products and service as part of his gambling show.
Or he can play the games like Fast and Loose (the chain game), The Shell Game or Three
Card Monte.  While playing these games he talks with the players and pre-qualifies them
for your sales staff.  This separates the real prospective clients from the lookie-loos. The
real prospectives actually win and get turned over to your helpful sales staff to collect
their prizes.  The lookie-loos lose and get a cheap consolation prize for playing the game.
Your sales staff spends all their time talking with quality leads that would have otherwise
just walked on by.