If you are a Library, looking for programs for adults that are educational AND
entertaining, your search is over.
Spreading Confidence-The History of Gambling and Cheating is a one hour
program that explores where gambling games came from and how they were
developed, as well as humorous antic dotes about how people have cheated at the
games down through the ages.  In addition to the history, audience member get to
come up and participate in playing some of the games.
This program recently finished a successful six week run at a Chicago theater, and
starting January 2009 will be available for library presentations.
Often you will find that programs presented by authors are a little dry.  Some of
these people are fantastic writers, but public speaking is not their strong suit.
This is not a problem with
Spreading Confidence, because this show is presented by
professional magician Keith Cobb as his old west gambler character, The Grifter.
Keith has been performing full time in the Chicago area and around the country
since 1991 and has won several awards for his presentations.
All you need to provide are a few chairs and Keith does the rest.  He will bring his
own sound system (if needed).  He will email you a poster flyer with your events
information on it that you can print out to promote the evening.  He will arrive in
period costume and have the show set up with enough time to do some gambling
themed magic for the crowd before the event as a warm up.
If you would like more information on the show or would like to read newspaper
articles about the show, go to the Spreading Confidence page of this website.
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