Add some Fun to your next fundraiser!
Have the Grifter bring in his
Chuck-A-Luck game to bring in
cash for your cause.
Chuck-A-Luck is an old gambling
game using three dice in the cage.  
Players bet on the numbers 1-6.  If
the number that they bet on comes
up on one of the dice they win even
money. If it comes up on two of the
dice they win twice their bet and if
it comes up on all three dice they
win three times their bet.
Simple and easy.  At first glance it
looks like great odds for the player.  
If you do the math, The Grifter has
nearly an 8% advantage in the
game.  On every spin of the cage
The Grifter pays the winning
players with some of the losing
player's money, then keeps the rest
for your charity.
Everyone has fun playing, there is
at least one winner per round if all
numbers are bet and the charity
makes lots of money.
The Grifter was the most successful
gambling presenter at The Magic
Castles annual Soapy Smith's Wake
event benefiting the Dai Vernon
Fund; winning him the Silver Shells
Award in 2008.
Special guarantee:  If The Grifter doesn't
bring in more money for your event than
the cost of his appearence, he will donate
his fee to your event!