Soapy Smith's Annual Wake and Party
Soapy Smith was the king of the frontier con men and the first american gangster.  His exploits were so outrageous that wakes are held every year around the country on the anniversary of the night he was shot to death by an angry vigilante mob in 1898.
One of these wakes is held at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood CA.  It has grown to become the party event of the year, attracting magicians and gambling presenters from around the country.  Proceeds from this event benefit the Dai Vernon fund for magicians in financial distress. 
This is one of The Grifter's favorite events every year.  In 2008, he won the Silver Shells Award for being the most successful gambling presenter and raising the most money for the fund.   Below are pictures and video from the wake at the Magic Castle. In the video you can see him about one minute in.
The Grifter with his good friend actress Holly Beavon.
Try your luck at a game of Chuck-A-Luck?
The grifter with two of Soapy's actual grave markers.
Picture with Jeff Smith (Great Grandson of Soapy Smith) and Jefferson Randolph Smith (Great, Great Grandson of Soapy).