Sideshow Oddities Tent
Looking for something unusual?
Then you've come to the right place.
Professor Grifter's Sideshow Oddities and Curiosities Tent.
On the outside, a four foot square cabana tent with the
pictured sign attached.  Inside is a collection of some of the
strangest and legendary items from around the world, each
with their own colorful stories told by the professor himself.
This can be an added to the Medicine Show or as a stand
alone attraction.
The eye catching tent and sign can be seen from a distance,
but the whole attraction is small enough to be set up in the
lobby of a theater for the opening of a strange movie or
Only a few people at a time are let into the tent. They are
allowed to look at the items but not touch or take any kind
of pictures.  This exclusivity adds to the allure and
If cost is an issue, you can have the professor charge
This traveling museum of the bizarre can be set up in just a
few minutes and special lighting can be provided.